Youth Haven Summer Student Joins Campaign

Youth Haven’s University Summer Student, Isabel Alonso Vilarino chose to challenge herself during the “Jump For Justin” event supporting Youth Haven’s “Face Your Fear” campaign on July 14, 2018.  She faced her fear of  heights and jumped 10,000 feet from a plane in order to raise much needed funds for Youth Haven.

The Jump For Justin event raised more than $15,000!!


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What Fear Will YOU Face?

According to several reports throughout the world the top four fears are spiders, snakes, public speaking and heights.  Whatever the fear, we want you to face it, capture it, post it to social media #faceyourfearyouthhaven, DONATE to Youth Haven and nominate your friends to do the same – attach this link so they can donate

Mary-Ellen O'Neill-Madeley

Mary-Ellen Faced Her Fear of skydiving and Surpassed her Goal of $10,000.  The total raised during her 14,000 foot jump from a plane was $10,211.00 and Mary-Ellen would like to thank everyone who donated to her jump.  She would also like to thank her husband Steve Madeley and Brittany Biersteker for facing their fear and jumping with her.  Both Steve and Brittany have never even been in a plane, but chose to make the fall in order to help raise much needed funds for Youth Haven and the at-risk youth who need their services.

Homeless Youth Face Fears Every Day!!

Will I get to eat today?
Will I be able to stay in school?
Will I find a job?
Will I have somewhere to sleep tonight?
Will I be judged for my choice to leave a bad situation and live on the streets?

These are not the kinds of fears that any 16 year old should be facing, yet hundreds of youth in Simcoe County do.


Record it, Upload Your own Video or Photo

Post it to Social media using the Hashtag #faceyourfearyouthhaven

And add a link to our donation form:

To raise money and awareness for Homeless Youth in Simcoe County!!

Why “Face Your Fear”?

‘Fear’ is a word that we hear a lot at Youth Haven. Many, if not all of our residents, describe feeling fearful before coming to the shelter for the first time.  The majority of our youth have had to face the fear of daily abuse (sexual, physical, verbal and emotional), the fear of being alone, sleeping on the streets (under bridges, on park benches, in the forest, etc), being mugged, raped or beaten and so many other fears that come with living in unsafe conditions either at home or on the streets.

Once these youth make the choice to come to Youth Haven many are fearful of what to expect, fearful that coming to the shelter means they will never be able to move out and make it on their own, fearful of being judged by those who are unaware of their true circumstances, fearful that the shelter is going to be just as sad and depressing as the place they had left and fearful of taking the steps necessary to become self supporting.  It is only by facing these fears head on that our residents have found that Youth Haven is a powerful step forward (not backwards) and even though it may be hard to push through the upcoming challenges it’s worth all the hard work in the end.

Often our residents support one another like family and gain strength from that closeness.

Taking the step to visit our shelter, or even talk about their situation for the first time, can be a frightening and daunting experience, however we work with our residents and any family supporters they may have to show them that they have nothing to fear.

That’s why we need you.

Our residents have faced their fears and now we are asking you to show your support by facing your fear as well.

The money raised from taking part in our ‘Face Your Fear’ campaign will enable us to continue to provide food, clothing, support and shelter for those without a place to call home or those brave enough to leave an unsafe living environment.  This event will go a long way to helping us raise awareness for youth homelessness and gain support.

Terms & Conditions
The Youth Haven “Face Your Fear” challenge is a voluntary activity undertaken to accomplish the charitable purposes of Youth Haven (Canada) by raising awareness and funds to support at-risk homeless youth to provide them with a safe and caring place to grow. As with any activity, there is a risk of injury (or even death) from participating in, or acting as a spectator to, the “Face Your Fear” challenge.  Participants in and spectators to the “Face Your Fear” challenge are advised to carefully consider any health issues, environmental/location concerns and other factors and/or unforeseen hazards that might adversely impact the ability to undertake the Youth Haven “Face Your Fear” challenge safely.
Individuals participating in the “Face Your Fear” challenge (each a “Participant”) do so at their own election and at their own risk, and by their participation agree (on their own behalf and on behalf of anyone else who might make a claim in their place) to waive, release and discharge Youth Haven (Canada), and to indemnify, hold harmless and agree not to sue Youth Haven (Canada) and its affiliates and representatives for any loss, liability, cost, damages (including reasonable attorney’s fees) or other claims that might arise from or in relation to their participation in the Youth Haven “Face Your Fear” challenge, whether due to negligence or otherwise. Participants are encouraged to consult their health care providers with any questions regarding how the “Face Your Fear” challenge might affect their health, and any Participants under the age of 18 should obtain permission from a parent/guardian. Youth Haven (Canada) is not responsible for, and specifically disclaims responsibility for, any loss, injury liability, cost, damages or other claims arising from or in relation to the “Face Your Fear” challenge.
Youth Haven (Canada) has no control over the actions of Participants or spectators to any “Face Your Fear” challenge, the location in which a “Face Your Fear” challenge is undertaken or the method by which the “Face Your Fear” challenge is conducted.  Participants or spectators that require first aid and/or other medical treatment or related services in relation to an injury or illness that arises in connection with participation in the “Face Your Fear” challenge remain solely and exclusively responsible for and all liability or claims arising out of or in relation to such treatment and/or services.
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