Boxes of Hope

Become a Holiday Hero – Give Hope to a Youth Experiencing Homelessness!

In a single box, there’s a world of hope waiting to be unleashed – a lifeline of compassion and connection.

Our Boxes of Hope Campaign is a beacon, illuminating the lives of youth battling homelessness. Giving to Boxes of Hope empowers youth to believe there is more than the unforgiving streets ahead of them. In each box, there is a promise of three nourishing meals a day, the embrace of a warm bed, a winter survival kit, unwavering support, counselling, and heartfelt gifts beneath our Christmas tree. Most importantly, we bestow upon these young souls the priceless gifts of belonging, love, community and the knowledge that someone genuinely cares about their well-being.

For just $50, you can be a hero for hope.

There’s no greater gift than the warmth of home and being surrounded by friends and family during the holidays. For many of our youth, this simple pleasure remains an elusive dream.

Youth Haven becomes their refuge, their sanctuary. As a united community, we hold the power to #bethedifference. You can unlock hope for youth battling homelessness by purchasing a Box of Hope today.

Become the hero our homeless youth need this holiday season!

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