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Programs and Services

Transitional Housing

Making the transition from living in a home or group setting, to living independently can be scary for all of us. In today’s world there is tremendous pressure to manage day-to-day living as adults. Imagine having to do it at a young age, with limited skills and resources to manage on your own. For some of our youth this is a reality, and the thought of living self-sufficiently can seem overwhelming.

Our transitional housing program helps our youth develop real-life skills in a supportive and caring environment, giving them the tools needed to succeed in their own home. Our programs are designed to build confidence, competence and the ability to handle everyday tasks and empower them with the necessary skills to become successful adults.

Our Transitional Housing Program helps our young people in need develop real-life skills in a supportive and caring environment, giving them the tools needed to succeed in their own home. We offer five on-site transitional beds to youth who may require extra time and skill development to become successful adults in our community.

For inquiries about our transitional housing program, please fill out the application below or call us at (705) 739-7686.

Emergency Shelter

The first thing anyone facing homelessness needs is housing. Our emergency housing is for youth between 16 and 24 who are fleeing an unsafe home environment, those who have lost their housing, and young people who have spent time on the streets. Youth Haven’s house features 10 beds for those identifying as young men and 6 beds for those identifying as young women.

We want our youth to feel welcome and proud of themselves for the courage to take action and seek assistance to improve their lives. When a young person in need comes to stay at Youth Haven they receive clothes, food, personal need items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo, and bedding when they arrive. They are offered the opportunity to speak to a youth worker right away for pressing needs, or unwind and rest.

Health Care Clinic

Volunteer doctors from the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Family Teaching Unit provide healthcare to Youth Haven residents on-site.

Many youth lack access to primary care, and many others avoid it due to shame and embarrassment, fear, and a lack of awareness of their needs. The health care clinic provides our youth with full exams, medication dispensing and monitoring, advice and information about personal care, and referrals for more intense physical needs.

Referral Services

We are proud to work closely with our community partners, and we believe that everyone who calls Youth Haven has called the right place, even if we aren’t the ones who provide the service. We are in constant contact with our partners, and would be happy to make referrals and advocate on your behalf. Please call us at 705-739-7616.


Our counsellors help our youth navigate a complex world of emotions and teach them coping skills they need to manage the world they live in. Our counsellors work with both the youth who are staying at Youth Haven, and those in the community who are at risk of homelessness and/or experiencing conflict and crisis.

Life Skills

Every step along their Youth Haven journey is an opportunity for the youth to learn, grow, and develop confidence. Through our life skills training, we work with the youth on fostering self-esteem, building resilience and developing healthy habits. We are helping youth through a traumatic time and guiding them into successful adulthood. The youth are taught life skills such as cooking meals and washing dishes, doing laundry and cleaning the house as well as learning effective communication skills, how to manage their money and help them prepare for work and/or continue their education.

Case Management

Youth Haven staff work with the youth to establish goals and break them down into manageable tasks that can be completed in a relatively short period of time. This is helpful to move the youth forward in their journey of obtaining the resources needed to get back on their feet. We also work together on developing good habits, planning out their goals, learning problem solving techniques and working towards achieving life-long success.

Continuing Care

Life’s challenges don’t end when one of our youth moves back home or moves into their own place. We offer ongoing support, mentorship, advocacy and care to reinforce the progress they have made with us.

Outreach Counselling Services

Our outreach services, located throughout the County of Simcoe, allow us to engage with youth experiencing homelessness, or at-risk of becoming homeless, and who may be disconnected from mainstream services and supports. We work to establish supportive relationships, provide counselling, referral services, advocacy, and help the youth access necessary services and supports that will help them move back in with their families or, into permanent housing.

Some of these services include:

* 1:1 counselling support for those experiencing a wide range of identified issues including (but not limited to) emotional support, anger management, self esteem, healthy relationships, substance use, etc…

  • Support for parents/caregivers
  • Advocacy
  • Court support
  • Housing support

Where to find a location near you:

Barrie: 20-22 Wellington St. East
Phone: 705-795-8879 or 705-826-8500

South Simcoe: 46 Wellington ST. West, Alliston (in the FOCUS building)
Phone: 705-229-8700
Certified Anger Management program in Orillia and South Simcoe locations

Orillia: 246 Oxford St. Unit B7 (The Gathering Space)
Phone: 705-790-6112 or 705-715-4920
Certified Anger Management program in Orillia and South Simcoe locations

Midland: 522 Elizabeth St. (Midcourt building)
Phone: 705-817-1148

For further inquiries, please contact Laura Simonetta, Director of Counselling Services at 705-817-1148 or at

Job Readiness

We teach the necessary skills to gain employment such as resume writing and interview skills and help make connections to training programs and help our youth find and maintain employment.

Housing Program

We work with a Housing Specialist to help our youth find and keep permanent housing.

Youth Haven's Guiding Principles

All homeless persons have the right to shelter service regardless of political or religious beliefs. ethno-cultural background, (dis)ability, gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

The shelter will provide an atmosphere of dignity and respect for all shelter guests, and provide services in a non-judgmental manner.

The shelter will be sensitive to the ethno-specific, LGBTQ, and linguistic needs of guests. Staff will work to ensure guests have access to culturally appropriate interpreter services where available.


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