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I chose to run Mud Hero 2020 to give me something to work for, something that would challenge me every day leading up to the actual day. For the last year I have been working on my wellness and my fitness, and I am incredibly proud of the progress I have made. However, I wanted something to work toward that would hold me accountable. And on August 22nd, I am very excited to get muddy as I achieve what I have set before me. I have incredible resources at my side as I prepare; a support system of people who keep me in check, the facilities to be able to train for whatever obstacles Mud Hero has in store for me, and a cause close to my heart that inspires me to keep pushing.

I chose to support Youth Haven Barrie with my Mud Hero run for two important reasons. 1) Youth succeed when they have the proper support and resources available to them, but for the hundreds of Simcoe County youth who experience homelessness every year might not have the support and resources to succeed if it wasn’t for the work of Youth Haven. When basic needs are met, a roof over your head, a place to lay your head at night, people who care about you, you are better set to handle challenges that come your way. Youth Haven Barrie not only offers a safe place to work through challenges, but also the resources to be more successful. With case management, counseling services, on-site medical care, transitional housing programs, the youths know that they won’t be facing their challenges alone. And 2) I love my community of Simcoe County and I want to support my community as much as possible. I chose to support Youth Haven because I can see the impact of the work that they do. I know the money I raise will put food into hungry stomachs, will expand the outreach of services they offer, will have an actual impact on the lives of their clients. I can see the change my efforts, and the efforts of the donors, are helping to make.

Mary Wolfe

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