A Prom Like No Other

On May 11th, Youth Haven held our first annual prom night.  “From This Moment” was a night that our youth will never forget.  Many of our youth were unable to attend a prom, either because they weren’t able to finish school or never had the opportunity to attend school at all. When you don’t have a permanent place to live the last thing you often think about is school and even less important is attending a prom. That didn’t stop them from dreaming of attending a Gala or Prom so, with the support of some amazing sponsors, we were able to bring that dream to life.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some special memories and, most importantly, thanking the amazing people who made this incredible event possible.  Please show your appreciation to this generous people and companies for their donations.

PS – If you weren’t able to make a donation before the prom, you can still support the needs of Youth Haven by making a donation today via this link!

When our youth arrived at the prom, they walked into an incredibly decorated venue which immediately showed that they were in for a special night.

Please check out these photos by the incredibly talented Laura Joy as we acknowledge our first group of donors.
Laura Joy Photography Photos (1)


“From This Moment” took place at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 147.  The incredible folks at the Legion provided the venue at no cost and also made a donation to the prom.  We want to extend a special thanks to Raylene who did an incredible job of arranging everything at the Legion for the event.

The gorgeous draping that greeted guests when they arrived was supplied by Westway Tents.  Westway Tents is located at 18 Alliance Blvd, Unit 10 in Barrie.

Laura Joy Photography Photos (2)

Flowers were provided by the wonderful folks at Pick Me Up Flowers.  They are located at 7 Anne Street South, Unit 6 in Barrie.

Laura Joy Photography Photos (4)

Westway Tents and Pick Me Up Flowers both found out about the prom from the amazing Lynn Bogoje of Cheers.

Laura Joy Photography Photos (3)

Lynn donated her time on the prom committee, decorated the event, and provided incredible DJ services all night.  We are deeply grateful to Lynn for everything that she did to ensure that “From This Moment” was a success.  Please be sure to like the Cheers Facebook page.  Remember, Cheers is here to make your Special Occasion a memorable one!

Stay tuned for photos of beautiful dresses, inspired performers, and so much more!

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