Thank you to everyone who decided to #bethedifference in the lives of youth over the holidays.

Donations, through Boxes of Hope or private, from individuals, businesses, churches, schools and community groups ensured kids in emergency, transitional and outreach care had presents on Christmas morning, as well as food and clothing needs in the weeks ahead.
This is a letter from Alison, one of our residents in emergency care, who after opening her presents on Christmas morning asked who she could thank.

From Alison to you, in her words:

Woot Woot, It’s been a Beautiful Day. I want to personally thank each and everyone of you, you made all of our holiday joyful! ✨
It was busy, a hard one being away from family and friends, accomplishments and boundaries were tested. It felt tight at times but, we gotta set a healthy one. Today I wanted to put up an imaginary do not cross 🛑, line up. But I had to face it. One fear, at a time. Accept the hard parts of me. Adulthood, I’m getting, restless, errors are being made. Imperfections are the Best. We gotta slow down, time. Or else we will miss the small things. But in the end, it’s well worth it. Who knows what tomorrow holds. Only time will tell. Bring out the positive. Take in nature, rest, listen to Music, and enjoy. 📝🎧🎵
People with mental health can overcome anything🤯 if they put their mind to it. Yes they may need to accept some help in there life. That may include medication or even counselling. Opening up to someone is a complicated and a different feeling. But if you put the effort in, it’s well worth it. There’s genuine people in the world left. Most of all value yourself and do it for you. People will come into your life. They may make a huge impact or even the smallest just remember not everyone is meant to stay forever. Think about if someone with mental health used their illness and had a nice medium. A balance is key🔑. Had the dreams of being anything their hearts desire, they could follow through. One thing I learned over the years is money doesn’t buy happiness, love is the purest gift of all 🌹✨❤️‍🩹. Sure it solves a lot of problems but happiness is the path to follow just trust me. We gotta remember the small things we picked up and keep them with us even on our darkest days.✨🌘 We gotta let the hurt and pain go. But we can’t forget who we are. Remember who made you and your morals. That doesn’t mean forget about your problems or push them aside, it just means remember to let yourself relax, and love. I’m not perfect. I’m gonna have bad days, slip ups, tears, even anger some days. We all make mistakes, forgiveness is the most beautiful gift someone can receive. 🍃🌤🙏

Merry Christmas to everyone, and happy holidays. Stay safe and I wish you happiness, and health.

Has Alison’s story inspired you?  Would you like to #BeTheDifference in the lives of youth experiencing homelessness?  Click here to learn how you can help Youth Haven.

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