Barrie Teen Celebrates Birthday with Donation to Youth Haven

Birthday celebrations and fundraisers go hand-in-hand for Kaitlyn McKnight. When she was a youngster, Kaitlyn’s birthday parties always included a fundraiser. As Kaitlyn grew older, she had fewer parties, but this year decided the time was right to renew what she had always done as a child.

“Last year was really hard for everyone and I felt grateful for everything I had,” said Kaitlyn. “I knew I should be giving back to the community.”

Ahead of her 18th birthday on Jan. 21, Kaitlyn decided she knew what she wanted to do.

“I decided to start a GoFundMe page for Youth Haven,” explained Kaitlyn. “We talk a lot about it at school and I know it’s a great community organization. It’s important for me to give back to where I am from. I am really proud to be from Barrie, so I wanted to give back somewhere local.”

With a promise from her parents that they would match donations of up to $1,500, Kaitlyn got down to work and encouraged people on her social media pages to donate, and if they could not afford to, then to share the information.

“I know a few acquaintances that have used Youth Haven’s services,” said Kaitlyn.

With money also coming from her parents, Kaitlyn, with the generous support of those who were able to donate, has raised approximately $3,200 for Youth Haven.

Youth giving back to youth struck a chord with Kaityln.

“That was important for me. I just turned 18, and giving back to people my age, maybe a little older, or maybe a little younger, was definitely a big part of it. I was just trying to make 2021 a little better.”

Thank you to Kaitlyn, her parents and everyone who donated for choosing to #bethedifference.

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