CBC’s Haydn Watters looks at the homelessness crisis in Barrie

Haydn Watters of CBC News recently investigated the unprecedented demand on local homeless shelters this winter.  He stopped by Youth Haven to discuss the impact on homeless youth with our Executive Director, Lucy Gowers.

Youth Haven Executive Director Lucy Gowers (photo courtesy of CBC)
Youth Haven Executive Director Lucy Gowers (photo courtesy of CBC)

Lucy told Haydn that “eight to 10 youth are turned away from Youth Haven every month because it is too full but their councillors work to get the youth into another shelter or make sure they have a place to stay.”.

Haydn also spoke with Youth Haven resident Jeremy Johnson-Ellis.

Some people think that some of the youths are here just because they don’t want to be at home … not everyone is in that certain circumstance. Some people are actually homeless and have nowhere to go. – Jeremy Johnson-Ellis

Read more comments from Lucy & Jeremy in the full article at http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/homeless-shelters-full-barrie-1.4573369.

Please share Haydn’s original article with your network.  It is important that people learn how critical the situation is right now!

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