Celebrating 37 Years of Support: Thank You, May Court Club of Barrie!

Youth Haven is immensely grateful to the May Court Club of Barrie for their unwavering support over the past 37 years. Their generous contributions have played a pivotal role in our mission to “Be The Difference” for homeless and at-risk youth.

In 1987, the May Court Club made a significant donation to Youth Haven, helping establish our shelter and services for youth aged 16-25. This legacy of support continues today, as highlighted in a recent BarrieToday article celebrating their ongoing commitment.

Anne Wilson (left), Lesley Agnew, Bev Jackson, Karen Shuh, manager of fundraising and donor engagement, Barrie Food Bank, Kathryn Henkenhaf, Susan Turner, and Lenore Hamley, president, May Court Club of Barrie.

Thank you, May Court Club of Barrie, for your dedication to #BeTheDifference in the lives of our youth. Your support truly embodies the spirit of community and compassion.

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