Kempenfelt Bay School’s Heartwarming Holiday Gesture brings Joy to Youth Haven

In the true spirit of the season, Kempenfelt Bay School students and staff rallied together, collecting an abundance of donations – warm clothing, essential supplies, and holiday treats.
The impact of these donations during the festive season cannot be overstated. They have brought immeasurable joy and comfort to those who find themselves seeking shelter at Youth Haven during a time when the warmth of the holidays can sometimes feel distant.
The kindness shown by the students and staff is nothing short of extraordinary. Their generosity has brought smiles, warmth, and a sense of belonging to our youth during this special time of the year.
To the students and staff of Kempenfelt Bay School: Your compassionate gesture has not only brightened the holidays for the residents of Youth Haven but has also illuminated the entire community with the spirit of giving and compassion.
In a world where kindness is the greatest gift of all, your generosity serves as a shining example of the difference we can make when we come together to support one another.
With heartfelt thanks and warm wishes for the holiday season.

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