Youth Haven is pleased to announce that we partnered with BIA’s Open Air Dunlop Street and Barrie’s Live Music Show to bring you the Backyard Campout for youth in-person & live stream busker performances.

Saturday July 31st from 10 to 4pm throughout the downtown core you can watch in-person live busker performances. Keep your eyes open for pop-up locations. You can also watch performances from the comfort of your home by going to Youth Haven’s or Barrie’s Live Music Show Facebook page. Each performance location will have information on how you can get involved and donate.

This is an event where families and individuals can come together while apart to benefit youth who are experiencing homelessness within our community.

The event will take place in participant’s backyards, living rooms, balconies, or campgrounds. They will be pitching tents and sleeping under the stars, setting up makeshift tents in their basement or living room all while raising funds for our youth. Additionally, participants can now enjoy in-person live music.

#BeTheDifference and sign up to create your fundraising team at

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