Mike Rudkins probably drives one of the most recognizable trucks in the Barrie area.

Mike Rudkins outside his truck at Youth Haven (Youth Haven-pic)
Mike and his wife, Krista, are the owners of Mike The Mattress Guy, at 555 Mapleview Drive West.
One of the things they decided to do when going into business for themselves about 25 years ago was to give back to the community.
Mike and Krista have added Youth Haven to their list.
Pre-COVID, Mike, Krista and their team donated mattresses to Youth Haven.
Since the youth were moved to a hotel under health and safety protocols in spring 2020, they have made it a mission on Fridays to donate what Mike says are things kids usually like to eat. The list includes bread for sandwiches, cookies, potato chips, and more.
Asked what he gets from donating to Youth Haven, Mike’s voice cracks as he briefly ponders for a moment and says,
“I get joy, and just how wonderful these kids are.”
Mike admits that prior to contributing to Youth Haven, he wasn’t aware there were kids in our community who were experiencing homelessness.
“I knew adults were, but I didn’t think 16-year-olds were, 17 year-olds were,” says Mike. “You see them and just assumed they were kids out on the street, and when it got dark they would go home, just like we did.”
Mike and Krista Rudkins outside their store (picture provided)

Thank you Mike, Krista and the team at Mike The Mattress Guy for choosing to #bethedifference in the lives of our youth.

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