Midland teen makes incredible donation to Youth Haven

Check out the amazing donation that Youth Haven received in Midland from the incredible Tori St. Amant!

Thank you Tori

Tori, a student at Georgian Bay District Secondary School, first contacted our Midland Outreach team in May.   As part of her “20-Time” project in Grade 9 English, she wanted to help out in the Midland community and make a difference.  She decided to put her efforts into helping Youth Haven!

My thoughts were to help the homeless youth in Midland. On the Youth Haven website, it mentions some supplies and donations that are needed and appreciated. To help, every other week, I would like to do a drive at school for different things needed. (Ex. clothes, food, hygiene products, etc.) After asking for permission, I would like to bring it to your drop-in centre, if help is wanted.” – Tori St. Amant

Tori took the time to come to our Hero Centre Youth Drop-In to get better insight into what our youth were looking for or needed.  We were blown away by what she did next!

She donated 23 boxes and 6 bags of laundered clothing (all labelled and organized into boxes), toiletries, hats, mitts, footwear, some food, and a small donation box.  AMAZING! The donation arrived as one of my clients walked in. The client, not only helped move all the boxes, but consented to have their picture taken with the donor in front of the donation boxes. ” – Tammy, Midland Outreach Counsellor

tori donation

We are so amazed at how much stuff she was able to get donated and took time to organize and launder everything!” – Tammy, Midland Outreach Counsellor

Tori – Thank you so much for your incredible efforts to help our clients.  You are an inspiration!

Did Tori’s amazing efforts inspire you?  Why not make a small donation to Youth Haven in her honour?


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