Mission Accomplished!

She did it!

Debra Bobechko of Barrie reached the summit of Mount #Kilimanjaro today, at 5,730 m(19,340 feet), the highest point on the African continent.

The day began at approximately midnight (4 p.m. Wed our time) by torchlight to Stella Point, the tallest of Mount Kilimanjaro’s three peaks. After sunrise, the final push to the top.

In Debra’s words: “Words cannot describe what I experienced today. Human triumph and tragedy. Pushing myself beyond all my limits. Human endurance on a whole new level. Learning that Mother Nature will always prevail over human stupidity. I’m dirty, exhausted, worn out and gobsmacked by what I accomplished today. It took me around 7 hours to make it to Stella point then another 1.5hrs to get to Uhuru peak. It took on average 1hr to cover 200m of altitude.”

Debra began her climb last Saturday, but the training and hard work took place months before that. We eagerly await pictures from Debra to post to you.

This was a mission of Debra’s to challenge herself, while at the same time raise funds for Youth Haven, to #bethedifference, and to raise awareness about the issue of youth who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness in #Barrie #Orillia #SimcoeCounty. That is also mission accomplished!

Like the youth in our care, our staff encourage each individual to “#pushyourlimits,” to climb that mountain and come out on top, one step at a time.

Debra and her team have already begun the descent down the mountain and will reach base camp on Friday, where the journey began. Rumour has it she can be poolside sometime tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged, who donated and remain committed to the youth in our community.

As Debra said before she left for Africa:

“I have battled heart disease for most of my adult life. Yes, my health challenges have been an experience, but it is not who I am. Just like the young people that come through the shelter. There is so much more to each individual. Their homelessness is an experience. It is where they are at now, not where they are going to finish. That’s how I see my heart disease.”

Thank you, Debra, and to the community for your support and encouragement.

To donate to Deb’s cause:   https://youthhaven.ca/push-your-limits/

Once Deb is back in Barrie, Youth Haven will celebrate her climb at a date to be determined.

For more information, contact Ian MacLennan (Board of Directors) 705-717-9347.

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