Putting a Fresh Face to Youth Homelessness

“When I first got to Barrie and people would ask where I live, I would just give a general location. I didn’t want to feel worthless.” – Blake Laface

Photo of Blake Laface by Wendy King of BarrieToday.com

We are so proud and grateful to Blake for having the courage to share his story with BarrieToday.com‘s Wendy King.

“The hardest thing and the most important thing is to keep a good mentality. You can lose your motivation if you hang around people who don’t want to help themselves.  Sometimes, its easier to just keep to yourself. A lot of us have trust issues” – Blake Laface

Check out more of Wendy’s powerful interview with Blake at:


PS – It’s not too late to support #CNOY2019.  Please go to https://cnoy.org/location/barrie to donate!

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