The #PushYourLimits Climb has Begun!

Deb Bobecheko arrived in Tanzania last week, admittedly nervous and pumped about climbing Africa’s highest mountain, 19,340 feet high.

Her trek began on the weekend, with the climb up and down to last approximately one week.

“My goal was to raise a dollar for each step.  Even if that falls short, creating awareness in Simcoe County that we have youth in our community without a roof over their head is also critical.” said Bobechko.  “For me, this climb is a message to our youth that there will be mountains to climb, to set a target, and even if you don’t reach the top, that doesn’t mean you failed.”

Deb has an added challenge.  She is battling heart disease and has had her heart shocked 13 times.

“I don’t define myself as a heart patient.   And these kids I am trying to raise funds and awareness for should never define themselves as homeless.  It’s where they are now.  It’s not where they are going to finish.”

Youth Haven staff and those staying at the shelter are cheering her on.

“Our youth who are experiencing homelessness face mental and physical challenges every day that push their limits,”

“Just like Debra, they have a target they want to reach. A roof over their head. A job. Returning to school. It’s one step at a time.”

Lucy Gowers, Youth Haven executive director

Deb’s challenges as she climbs the mountain include the risk of altitude sickness and temperatures around -20 Cel as she gets closer to the top.

The public and media can follow Deb’s story on Facebook (Deb: Kilimanjaro for Youth Haven) and by satellite (subject to availability on ground) by using the password Kilimom.

To donate to Deb’s cause:

Once Deb is back in Barrie, Youth Haven will celebrate her climb at a date to be determined.

For more information, contact Ian MacLennan (Board of Directors) 705-717-9347

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