Timmies Drive-thru Kindness

Ian MacLennan, our Communications Director for Youth Haven, shares a story that happened to him at a local Tim Hortons on Fairview Road last week.
“I ordered two dozen donuts for the kids at Youth Haven, who are currently staying at a hotel because of COVID-19. The young man working at the Tim Hortons drive-thru handed me the first box of donuts and asked if I was having a party. I told him who the donuts were for.
The employee asked questions about Youth Haven such as the services and how many kids were at the hotel. He then asked if I would like any drinks. I kindly declined and said the donut purchase was fine. The employee handed me the second box, but instead of giving me the debit machine to pay, he gave me a Tim Hortons gift card that he just purchased with his own money. He said it was for the kids at the hotel the next time they wanted to buy some donuts.
He did not share his name – but shared his kindness.”

Thank you to the young employee at the Tim Hortons on Fairview Road in Barrie for choosing to #bethedifference.

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