Boxes of Hope Extended Until Christmas…and 5 year Old Loretta is One of the Reasons Why!

When we launched our #BoxesOfHope2018, our plans were to wrap up the campaign on Giving Tuesday…so we did!  A funny thing happened the next day – we received a couple of calls asking if it was too late to donate…and then some Facebook messages…and then some emails.  Our amazing supporters across Simcoe County were making it clear, they still wanted a chance to #BeTheDifference for the youth in our care.

Boxes of Hope is back online and will run until Christmas!

One of the supporters who inspired us to keep the campaign going was Victoria Psaila.

Victoria believes that you are never too young to learn, and never too young to help.  That’s why she and her five-year-old daughter, Loretta, purchased 2 Boxes of Hope during a visit to Youth Haven on Friday, Nov 30.
Victoria says she talked to her child about homelessness and Youth Haven, and asked Loretta what she would like to do with the money she had saved from her allowance.  Her choice was to buy a Box of Hope for herself and her mom.  Afterwards, Victoria and Loretta toured the shelter to learn more about the work Youth Haven does for youth who are experiencing homelessness in Simcoe County.   Loretta may be young in years, but she knew what she was doing would make others feel good and happy at Christmas.

Thanks to both of you for thinking of our youth during the holiday season!

Are you inspired by Victoria & Loretta to #BeTheDifference?

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Not every youth in Simcoe County has a place they can call home.

You can “Be the Difference” for youth in our care by purchasing a $50 gift box. Proceeds from each purchase will be used to buy Christmas gifts and care packages for youth, ages 16-24, who are experiencing homelessness.

The Boxes of Hope campaign will provide youth at our shelter and in our outreach programs with a Christmas gift and care package, such as scarves, gloves, toques, toiletries, hygiene products and gift cards.

“By purchasing a box, not only will the community “Be the Difference” for the youth in our care, some people are going to win amazing prizes.” – Lucy Gowers, Executive Director of Youth Haven

Over 80 per cent of the youth who use the services of Youth Haven have left home due to neglect, physical or sexual abuse, domestic violence, while others are dealing with mental health and addiction issues.

“We know that one in three people who use emergency shelter services in Simcoe County are youth. Last year, over 400 youth received support from Youth Haven, both at our 16-bed emergency shelter and are outreach services in Barrie, Orillia, Midland and South Simcoe’” – Lucy Gowers

Won’t you #BeTheDifference?  Purchase your box of hope here.

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