It’s my way of being closer to heaven

Justin Keogh was preparing for his 19th birthday and on his wish list was skydiving.

Five years ago, just three days before the celebration, Keogh and two teenaged friends were killed in a car crash on a foggy, rainy night, just outside Alliston.

This Saturday, his mother, Janette Boyter, will join 74 others who will do tandem jumps at Skydive Toronto in Cookstown.


“Justin was an air cadet, so flight and skydiving was always at the top of his list,” she said. “We are doing the event both to honour him and fulfill his dream.”

“We have chosen Youth Haven in Barrie as our charity of choice,” Boyter added. “I asked Justin’s friends if they had a charity in mind and this was one of the recommendations. ”

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